Top 10 Weird Scholarships

Apart from the usual list of useful grants and scholarships, there is a complete array of several weird and unusual scholarships that the students can apply for. The best part about these scholarships is that you don’t actually need to be academically very outstanding. You just need to possess some characteristic features or hobbies. Some of the weirdest scholarship types include:

  1. Left Handed Scholarship: With so many left-handed students, this scholarship offered by the Juanita College in Pennsylvania, is one of the most common and sought after scholarships.
  2. National Ice Cream Retailers Scholarships: If you work at some ice cream shop, you may be eligible for this scholarship. If you are lucky enough, your employer might just recommend you, and you may grab one of the 17 $1000 scholarships.
  3. Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship: Another one of most unusual scholarships, this can be of use to students who really have a talent with skateboards.
  4. Unusual Last Name Scholarship: This unusual scholarship presented by the Loyola University in Chicago is given to students with the most unusual last names, the best one so far is the name “Zolp”.
  5. Asthma Scholarship: It sounds very unusual that even an allergy can win you a good scholarship amount. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology is primarily responsible for sponsoring this unique scholarship.
  6. Stuck at Prom Duck Brand Duct Tape Scholarship Contest: This is an unusual contest held each year in spring, where students create formal wear out of duct-tape to compete for the top scholarship prize of $2,500. The second and third prize is a scholarship of $1,000 and $500 respectively.
  7. Online College Poker Championship Tournament: If you are a champion at the game of poker, this may be your golden opportunity to win a handsome amount as scholarship prize.
  8. Vegetarian Scholarship: This scholarship sponsored by the Vegetarian Resource Group is only for people with vegetarian eating habits.
  9. Tall Clubs International Student Scholarship: The tall boys and girls now have an opportunity to grab some good scholarships. This scholarship basically considers only the height of a student i.e. 5’10” for female students and 6’2” for male students.
  10.  Excellence in Predicting the Future Award: This is a bit different from what the name suggests in that, the contest actually is for students interested in economics. Participants are required to ‘buy and sell’ future predictions just as one would buy stocks.

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