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Student Loan & Financial Aid Information for College Students

One of the most challenging parts of entering college is understanding the financial aid process. This site is here to help you get a handle on Financial Aid information.

Here you will find information about student loan services, a glossary to help you understand all those new loan related terms, and some helpful hints to help you get through the financial aid system.

Introduction to Financial Aid

College Scholarships

Get the most scholarship money for college that you can. Apply for these scholarships with deadlines coming up soon.

College Scholarship Information

Top 5 Places to Find a College Scholarship

College Seniors and Graduates!

It’s time to start paying back those loans. Find out more about the process of loan repayment and consolidation options.

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8 Ways to Earn Money for College

There are many ways that students can make money in college. From the usual part-time job to becoming your own boss, creative students can find many ways to earn money for college expenses.

There are many types of part time jobs that are available to students. Earning money for college through part-time work will help students pay for tuition and living expenses. Many college students work from 5-30 hours per week. So that you have plenty of time for studying it’s best to limit part-time work to around 10-20 hours a week for full-time students.

Many part-time jobs offer flexible schedules and some businesses near a college, or in a “college town” are sensitive to the needs of students. When applying and interviewing for a job, ask about the flexibility of schedules and hours. Some businesses will allow employees to pick up extra shifts during winter break, spring break or summer.

Here are 8 Ways to Make Money in College:

1. Retail – Working retail is one of the most common ways that students make money in college. Hit the mall or shopping center and look for a retail job that fits your interests. Clothing boutiques, department store, bookshops, and CD stores are just a few of the retail places that will hire part-time employees.

2. Cafes – Small cafes, bagel shops, and coffee shops are good places for college students to work and earn money for college.

3. Restaurants – While waiting tables might be a good option for you, there are other positions like cook and hostess.

4. Call Centers – Call centers are not just for telemarketing. There may be a call center near your college that handles customer service for insurance, hotels, car rental, telephone companies or any other customer service functions.

5. On-Campus Employment – It takes a lot of people to run a university! There are positions in the campus bookstore, food court, and residence halls. Look for positions in the department or school of your major. Very often there will be administrative jobs in those departments that could help you get experience in your job field. Ask your professors if they know of any openings in the department.

Other office jobs on campus include financial aid office, registrar’s office, and computer labs. Check your college’s website often to see what positions are available. You may also qualify for work-study through the financial aid office.

6. Tutoring – Especially for upperclassmen and those highly skilled in math or English, tutors are in demand to assist other students. Sometimes a counseling or tutoring center is available on campus and provides tutoring services. Students interested in working as tutors should visit that office to see if positions are available.

Otherwise, seek out students on your own by posting a notice about your service on campus bulletin boards and the college newspaper. Tutoring individual students is a flexible way to earn money in college because you can set your own hours.

7. Mystery Shopping – While you won’t get rich with mystery shopping, 1-5 assignments a month can provide extra money. Mystery shoppers are paid to evaluate restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses.

Every college student loves a free meal! A good online resource for more information about mystery shopping is

8. Earn Money Online – There are legitimate ways for students to earn money for college online.

One way to earn money online is to set up a website about your favorite topic and earn money by placing ads on the site with AdSense.

Another way to make money online with your own website is by referring visitors to other online merchants, otherwise known as affiliate marketing.

There are many ways that college students can earn money for college including the opportunities listed here. For students who are determined to get a college education, there are income opportunities to be found.

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