Engineering Scholarships

 Engineers Scholarship
College students have had several important scholarships administered to them all along, to coverĀ  for various educational needs. However, often students would like to have exclusive scholarships to take care of their professional careers.

One such scholarship commonly sought by the students is the engineering scholarship. There are exclusive awards available in this field both for men as well as women. These scholarships are especially for encouraging more students into pursuing a professional career.

There are some very good scholarships available for engineers like:

  1. Mineral and Metallurgical Processing Division (MPD) : Nearly six scholarships are administered annually under this program. The scholarship is specially for the students interested in making a career in mineral processing. There is a special scholarship called the Richard R. Klimpel Scholarship, for an amount of $2000, that is awarded to the first place winner.

  1. SWE Scholarship Program : This scholarship program is open for women enrolling for an engineering or computer science graduate degree program as well as for women enrolling in ABET- accredited engineering programs. Most commonly these grants are distributed either in summer or in early fall.

  1. Achievement Scholarship in Engineering : This is a scholarship administered by the School of Engineering, Charles Darwin University, Australia. The prerequisites for this scholarship include, a degree or double degree in Architecture, Interior Design or Engineering and a TER of 75 or more. The scholarship amount for this one year long course study is nearly $3,000.

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