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 Medical and Health Scholarship Information
If you are interested in pursuing a career in medicine, you must be well aware of the numerous years it takes to complete the full course and the amount of money that goes into the completion of this course. Not all students can afford to pay for the complete course out of their pockets and such students are always in need of financial aid of some kind or the other.

Fortunately so, for all such students, in need of medical scholarships, several financial aid facilities are readily available. The best part about these scholarships is that, they are not restricted only for the medical practitioners, but instead are extended also for the nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, etc. Some important scholarships available for the medical students include:

  1. Beit Memorial Fellowships For Medical Research : This scholarship is exclusively for the students aspiring to go in for the postdoctoral level in medicine as well as their allied sciences in relation to medicine. In order to qualify for this scholarship, you just need to be either enrolled for a postdoctoral level or have a medical qualification. It is however important for the applicants to submit a written evidence specifying a three year accomodation facility at the place of work.

  2. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Fellowships/Scholarships : This scholarship offers financial aids under three basic catagories: Research Associates, Senior Research Fellows and Junior Research Fellows and the eligibility criteria differs for each of them. Except for the Research Associates, which requires you to have a Ph.D., for the rest of them, you just need to have an M.Sc. or equivalent degree with 1st division. The scholarship amount may differ according to the fellowship you  are planning to apply for.

  3. Health Careers Foundation : This foundation is popularly known, for being involved in the administration of scholarships to students seeking financial help, since 1990. The foundation is focused on encouraging more men and women towards a career in healthcare.

  4. Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Medical Research : This scholarship is especially for the research students demonstrating an interest in cancer research. Regardless of the country you belong to, this scholarship for a three year long course, requires you to posess either a M.D. degree or a Ph.D. degree in your field of study. The scholarship amount ranges from $24,000 for first year, $25,000 for second year and $26,000 for the third year. Not only this, the scholarship also provides for an additional $750 for each dependent, travel fare for family to any lab of choice as well as $1,500 as yearly allowance.

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