Military Scholarships

Military Scholarships
Besides all other important education grants and scholarships, that are administered to thousands of students every year, an important scholarship facility especially designed for the heroes of the nationĀ  are the Military Scholarships. The military scholarships are especially administered as a recognition of the contributions that the military people and their families make through their readiness of the fighting force.

For your information, listed below are some important military scholarships that various organizations take pride in administering:

  1. NMFA Jaonne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship : Spouses of uniformed service members, who are interested in obtaining a professional certification or attending a post secondary school, are eligible for this $500 to $1,000 scholarship award. Recepients of the scholarship are decided on the basis of survey questions which may include some short-answer questions and an essay question.

  1. Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (CAA) : This time-limited scholarship program is designed to help the military spouses receive an education and training, that can help them build a career that will persist during multiple relocations. Two organizations that work hand-in-hand with CAA in this scholarship program are, Department of Labor (DOL) and Department of Defense (DoD). However, this service is provided only to the spouses of members assigned at military installations in states including, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Washington.

  1. Scholarships for Military Children Program : The fund for this scholarship comes primarily through the generosity of manufacturers and suppliers, who have their products sold at military commissaries. An organization which helps the association in this approach is the Fisher House Foundation, which aims at providing the military families facing medical crisis, a home away from home near military medical centers.

  1. General John Paul Ratay Educational Fund : Children of surviving spouse of retired officers, are eligible for this $4000 scholarship. It is not possible for a student to apply for both MOAA loan and Ratay scholarship at a time. However, students who meet Ratay scholarship criteria while applying for MOAA loan, get automatically considered.

  1. American Patriot Scholarship : Only the students who are 24 or below and are children of military parents who either died on service or became disabled to receive a purple heart, are eligible for this scholarship which is for nearly $2,500. Military academic cadets are not eligible to apply for this program.

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