Saving for College

Find Unusual Ways of Saving For College
Cash back credit cards - every time you get a cash back award put that same amount into the college fund. Get the Discover® Platinum Card - 5% Cash Back & No Annual Fee

Upromise is a savings club that rewards members for using participating stores and brands of goods. By shopping at approved thousand restaurants, retail stores and online merchants members earn from 1 percent to 25 percent per purchase. The plan works by registering credit cards and debit cards that record the purchases. Rebates are directed into a 529 college savings plan. Register for Upromise and save money for college.

The Old Pocket Change Routine - While it's not the most efficient way to save and your piggy bank doesn't pay interest there's some mental benefit to saving pocket change. By emptying out your pockets on a daily basis it reinforces the habit of saving. Once a year, or whenever the jar gets filled up count the change and take to the bank to deposit into the savings account.

Getting the kids involved will help teach them about the value of saving. Each time you add money to the jar recall what the money will do - provide a college education for your kids.

Save on Family Vacations - instead of Disneyworld, how about a camping trip, volunteer trek or hometown vacation? The trick is to put the amount of money that would have been spent on the vacation into the college fund.

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